Oct. 29th Concert and Masterclass at Michiko Studios NYC


The Anton Webern Project is Available Now! Featuring
Matt Moran, Russ Lossing, Johannes Weidenmueller, Pete McCann, Tyshawn Sorey and Margret Grebowicz.
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March Sublime Grammy Nomination

I'm very happy to announce that my good friend Alan Ferber's recording "March Sublime" has been nominated for a Grammy! I'm honored to have been part of it and recommend that everyone run out and buy a copy.





Travis Reuter Qunitet

Cornelia Street Cafe, Cornelia Street, New York


Travis Reuter - guitar, Adam O'Farrill -trumpet, John O'Gallagher - alto sax, Rajna Swaminathan - mrudangam, Chris Tordini - bass



John O'Gallagher Trio

Shapeshifter Lab, Brooklyn


John O'Gallagher - alto sax Johannes Weidenmueller - bass Mark Ferber - drums



Ron Horton Sextet

Ibeam, Brooklyn


Ron Horton - Trumpet, John O'Gallagher - alto sax, Marc Mommaas - tenor sax, Frank Kimbrough - piano, Dean Johnson - bass, Tim Horner - drums



Visiting Artist/Birmingham Conservatoire

 —  —

Birmingham, England




Visiting Artist/Music Academy Lucerne

 —  —

Lucerne, Switzerland




Roberto Pianca Group

Milan, Italy




Roberto Pianca Group

Brescia, Italy



Press Highlights

"O'Gallagher is a force to be reckoned with both as a performer and as a composer." - Blogcritics.org

" a player with crisp articulation and intriguing ideas" - JazzTimes

"He is a leader in every sense of the word." - Jazz Review

"flat-out thrilling" - Cadence Magazine

"convincingly ferocious" - Downbeat

"John's music is a very hip classical music, in a way; since the bass and drums are playing more written functions. The whole conception of his composing is very special." - Lee Konitz


Anton Webern Project Highlights


Best Album list of 2013 - The Blue Moment
Best Album list of 2013 - London Jazz

"Courageous stuff and easily the most innovative album of the year."
Marc Myers - JazzWax

"...an expert jazz adventure conducted with uninhibited respect."
The Guardian

"This music is addictive and beautiful, played with dedication and passion: challenging and intriguing, taking the jazz tradition on a step further into Schoenberg's 'emancipation of dissonance'." 
London Jazz News

"A synthesis of modern New York improvisation and serial technique; a muti-layered, artful music that always swings despite all the complexity and grooves.”
5 Stars, Nordwestschweiz (Switzerland)

"O' Gallagher has long been associated with 12-tone music and takes the bull by the horns by adapting eight Webern pieces for his sextet plus voice. O'Gallagher is both mathematical and creative with his approach, staying close to Webern's melodic intention while trying to pull out the music's internal essence...The Anton Webern Project contains a wealth of riches that pays off with multiple listens."
All About Jazz

"It's a thrilling ride...the chattering, very involving O’ Gallagher lead makes the music sufficiently distinctive, and on ‘The Secret Code’ he improvises superbly in one of his best solos of a fascinating and involving album."
4 Stars, Marlbank

"the lunatic jazz disc of the year, by far"
The Buffalo News